Health Services

A-BMC leading healthcare consulting company that is committed to helping individuals and organizations to improve the quality of health services and people‚Äôs access to health services across the globe. A-BMC through its strategic partnership with health service delivery organizations has access to a network of over 500 health subject matter experts and consultants.  We can help your organizations stay ahead of new health researches, and technological advancements by providing high-quality consulting services, training solutions, resources, and leadership support.

Our health advisory services in the developing countries are unmatched in the industry, our consulting service are mainly focused on primary health care services and preventive aspects of health services that include but are not limited to provision of health education, health promotion, community workers training (CHWs), Community-led total sanitation and school-led total sanitation (CLTS & SLTC), health management research, carrying out comprehensive health surveys, and provision of pre-service and in-service training to health workers.