Management Consultancy

Let us help you identify current and potential issues with your organization and find ways of addressing them in the most effective and efficient manner.

Our subject matter experts can help you improve the management practices and approaches of your organization by deploying some of the world’s most advanced and industry-standard techniques for managing your projects, programs, and portfolios in a disciplined, cost-efficient, consistent manner that delivers the quality that your clients expect within budget and on-time.

Our management consulting team of experts can help you to improve your leadership approach to overseeing large and complex projects from conception to completion. Similarly, we can help you in managing your resources and expected results and reporting for meeting project objectives and achieving the organizational mission.

A-BMC’s management consulting services focus areas include: 

a.      Business Process Re-engineering

b.      Organizational Change Management

c.       Data Analysis

d.      Knowledge Management

e.      Independent Monitoring and Evaluation

f.        Quality Assurance and Internal Control

g.      Policies, Procedures, and Standard Operating Procedures Development and Implementation

h.      Project Management Support