Health care advise

Our health experts have an extensive experience. ABMC works with health services providers in developing countries by developing the most cost effective and efficient solutions at lowest cost possible.
Areas of consultancy service in Public Health are;

  • Organizational Development, working with private healthcare providers as well as civil society organizations and building their capacity at organizational and individual levels in strategis management, operational management, riskmanagement and information technology
  • Business Development: We are expert in supporting organizations in the development of cost effective and efficient businessmodels.We work together with healthcare providers to create lower cost business models while building new capabilities for the changing market needs
  • Healt Service Delivery: Our team of experts can deliver basic and essential health services to communities with limited technical and financial resources. We provide technical, advise and training to organizations that deliver health services to hard to reach areas, insecure and vulnerable communities in developing countries. We offer on the job training for health personnel, training of communities in demanded health services, training management in ways of expanding health services delivery and training in cost saving measures while expanding the coverage