Survey and Research

A-BMC has the ability to conduct individual, household and group surveys around the globe, including some of the most remote and difficult to reach countries and locations.

Depending on the nature of the survey and community level context, A-BMC conducts interviews using different modalities i.e. face to face, focus group discussions, expert interviews, representative interviews, household interviews or group interviews.

In situations where the interview topic may be highly sensitive, we are also able to conduct remote interviews or self-administered questionnaires and develop a tailored methodology that corresponds to the nature of the project.

We can help your organization design the right questionnaire, chose the best way to conduct the survey or research and discover the optimal way of achieving your organizational objectives.

Our subject matter experts of statisticians, data analysts, economists can help you connect disconnected data points and uncover the trends in the surveys that you are looking for. We follow both qualitative and quantitative methods of the survey that ensures the required quality of the survey and the adequacy of the quantity of the respondents.